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Reliable, in any language

Best Trad simplifies the access to translation services in any language pair, for companies in Cluj-Napoca or across the country. The price is flexible, the projects are completed promptly, and clients are permanently up to date with the progress of the project.

Technical translations


Rigour: this could be one of our nicknames. Technical books, operating manuals, technical diagrams and drawings, architecture plans and many others are part of the Best Trad experience in specialized translations.


  • technical books;
  • operating manuals;
  • technical drawings;
  • technical diagrams;
  • architecture plans; DTP;
  • Keeping the form of the source document (upon request)

Personal translations and services


We help you quickly feel like home, anywhere in Romania or worldwide. For persons or for companies, we provide translations of documents, IDs, notary legalization or apostille, DTP, interpreting services for ex-pats.


  • translation of documents for ex-pats localization;
  • translation of IDs;
  • notary legalization;
  • applying the apostille (Hague Apostille);
  • architecture plans; DTP;
  • interpreting;

Translation of project documentations


We know from personal experience: the conditions to participate in bidding are neither simple, nor flexible. We assure you that you can rely on the thoroughness of the translations provided by Best Trad and on the execution deadlines that we establish together.


  • Translation of documentations requested for European funded projects;
  • Translation of documentations requested for public procurement bidding;
  • Translation of documentations requested in infrastructure bidding.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations


From doctors, for doctors: we have the right specialists for translations and interpreting in the medical field, for medicine information leaflets, medical books, medical documents or insurance papers.

From doctors, for doctors or patients: we provide translation services for the patients engaging in medical relations with clinics or doctors abroad.


  • medicine information leaflets
  • medical books;
  • medical documents (admissions, medical referral letters, prescriptions etc.)
  • documents for health insurances

We confirm our collaboration with Best Trad SRL started back in 2011 and continued up to the present time, in the field of translation services, both for business documents and for technical ones. During our collaboration, Best Trad proved to be very prompt in complying with the contractual obligations, and has delivered quality services through translations from various foreign languages to Romanian and vice versa, responding to our demands in a serious and efficient manner. Therefore, we recommend Best Trad as a reliable partner, capable of meeting your requirements in a professional manner.


With Best Trad, our clients have always had the technical books and the technical specifications translated and edited in accordance with the original.

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