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Consecutive interpreting

Best Trad offers consecutive interpreting services in the most demanded language pairs, at the highest standards of professionalism. Our extended network of conference interpreters allows us to find the best solution, even for the most unexpected language pairs. We guarantee that your meeting shall be in good hands!

  • business meetings;
  • business lunches;
  • technical meetings;

The interpreter’s role in a high-level meeting among partners is to be an unobstrusive but exact and quick thinking facilitator. And we make sure that this will happen, in any circumstance where our interpreters are requested. We recommend the most suitable interpreter from the Best Trad network, whose experience, specialization and even physical presence suits the project requirements best.

Simultaneous interpreting

Impeccable is the defining word we are searching for, every time simultaneous interpreting is requested. The experience we have gathered in over 12 years of activity, providing interpreting services at events bringing together 50 and up to 500 persons, helps us face the interpreting challenges in real time, every time. We comply with the same professionalism standards, regardless of the event size, be it a conference organized by the European Commission, an annual event of a multinational corporation, or a team-building of a local company.

  • Simultaneous interpreting at international conferences;
  • Interpreting at events;
  • Full equipment for simultaneous interpreting;
  • Logistics for event sound systems.


Are there moments when you need a discreet translation or a translation on the move, for a group of persons? Then you need whispering translation. An interpreter, together with the right equipment, facilitates the communication for you and your visitors, making you feel comfortable on the move, speaking different languages.

  • Translator for visiting groups;
  • Chouchotage at business meetings, in any language;
  • Minimum interfering from and towards the surrounding environment.