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In the beginning, there were only interpreting and translation services…

When requested during certain official meetings, whether large or small, they also require technical support – equipment and specialists.

Thus, with each event, and year after year, Best Trad has built its expertise in the area of event and conference planning. Be it simultaneous translation booths, sound systems or speaker, hostess or facilitator teams, Best Trad makes sure to deliver its customers a flawless event.

Conference logistics


The secret of a perfectly organized conference is something we cannot tell you, because it resides in many, many details… That our customers are actually happy to leave with us:
1. because the entire planning process requires too much attention and
2. because we have proved it several times, in events in Romania or in other European countries, that we do this with professionalism and with great pleasure!

How could you not love, for example, to make sure that the conference participants shall be welcomed and guided by the most appropriate hostesses? But this is just one of the details that describe a successful conference.

Best Trad rents professional equipment, of the highest quality, which is operated by experienced persons. We bring together a full team of organizers and hosts of the event. Through our partners, we can actually offer you theses services anywhere around the world.


  • Full logistics services for conference planning;
  • Recommendation of event locations, anywhere around the world;
  • Technical equipment for conferences;
  • Simultaneous translation booths rental;
  • Receivers and headphones rental;
  • Sound systems, mixers, amplifiers, loud speakers;
  • Microphone rental: wireless, standalone, lavaliers (“tie clips”);
  • Wiring rental;
  • Projection screens and LCD screens rental;
  • Video cameras and audio-video recording team rental;
  • Stage and stage furniture rental

Event logistics


Throughout time, our customers have requested recommendations and interventions in various stages of an event planning: we know that finding the perfect location can make the difference between being present and being impressed; that a perfect host keeps the audience engaged during the entire event; that, wherever the event would take place, he right canapés can make many opportunities arise and new contacts. We bring the perfect team to work and, with our customers’ support and feedback, we build the impeccable event, together, piece by piece.


  • Event design, from A to Z;
  • Stage rental;
  • Exhibition stalls rental;
  • Sound system and lighting equipment rental;
  • Event design
  • Recommendation and rental of artists, bands, actors

We confirm our collaboration with Best Trad SRL started back in 2011 and continued up to the present time, in the field of translation services, both for business documents and for technical ones. During our collaboration, Best Trad proved to be very prompt in complying with the contractual obligations, and has delivered quality services through translations from various foreign languages to Romanian and vice versa, responding to our demands in a serious and efficient manner. Therefore, we recommend Best Trad as a reliable partner, capable of meeting your requirements in a professional manner.


Although it was a large specialized translation project, with a tight deadline, everything went well, no issues encountered. With the help of Best Trad we obtained the desired funding.

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