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Why us?

We are defined by our consolidated team of professional linguists and an extended network of authorized translators, over  3.000. The range of our services has evolved from the beginnings of a translations office with two linguistic pairs, to covering any requirements of local or international clients, in the field of translations and interpreting.

For any topic or any linguistic pair, at a transparent and fair cost.

Quality comes first

Words are our specialty, so we use them with great care, in any circumstance.

For us, quality first is not just a slogan. Each member of the Best Trad team translates it by attention, dedication, intelligent and creative approach to our clients’ requirements. We are a cohesive team, and the years of experience and the various projects have brought collaborators around us, who think alike and complete our specializations.

Get to know us!

MonicaThe boss
She is the Alpha, the backbone and the keystone of our entire story. She supervises all the operations, being helped by her way of being, a strict and perfectionist one (she’s killing us with it (sic!). She demands a lot from all of us in the team, but first of all from herself. She is our model of dedicated person.
DianaHead of translations projects
Professionalism and experience. Check. Team of translators with their engines on. Check. In-sync documents. Check. Quickness in writing. Check. Each translation project coordinated by Diana works as a mechanism having its cogs perfectly synchronized. And the pace is betwixt and between… but exactly at the promised speed.
CorinaHead of translations projects
Caught in the middle, among deadlines, she has taken over, without any effort, the clear head role. If we were to count the words translated in Best Trad, which have gone through her hands (or under her eyes), there would be a few millions… We still don’t know exactly, they are still adding up.
CristinaCustomer assistant, Proofreader
A person experienced in Best Trad’s offices and projects. This is one of our proofreaders, and apparently the only person in the world who can spot a missing comma, at a glance, standing 2 meters away.
CameliaAdministrative Assistant
You barely get to ask something, and our assistant, Camelia, has already handled it. And we would thank her every moment for this. If she would only stand still enough time to listen to our thanks, and not only to our requests.
CalinManaging Partner
Apparently having no worries and always available, Calin mainly coordinates the interpreting activity, conferences and events. He is also in charge of the Jolly Joker position, an all-rounder in the company, responsible also for bringing the smile on the colleagues’ faces.
She is one of our specialized interpreters, who can translate, with no effort, in the milliseconds available during the simultaneous interpreting, expressions like “proportional–integral–derivative controller”. The fact that she splits her time between the Technical University, where she teaches, and interpreting for Best Trad can only be beneficial for our clients
Adina Interpreter
Cheerful and communicative, she is an Assistant Professor PhD and our basic ingredient for exceptional high level interpreting for English and French. She does however sincerely acknowledge her fondness for the language of love, diplomacy and éclairs.
AnaCustomer assistant
Ana, is deeply involved in what she does and expresses our desire for better very well. Through proximity to customers she always tests our limits in terms of quality and execution speed of the projects. She is one of the gearing wheels that make us always do more, better and faster.




Get connected

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We confirm our collaboration with Best Trad SRL started back in 2011 and continued up to the present time, in the field of translation services, both for business documents and for technical ones. During our collaboration, Best Trad proved to be very prompt in complying with the contractual obligations, and has delivered quality services through translations from various foreign languages to Romanian and vice versa, responding to our demands in a serious and efficient manner. Therefore, we recommend Best Trad as a reliable partner, capable of meeting your requirements in a professional manner.


Although it was a large specialized translation project, with a tight deadline, everything went well, no issues encountered. With the help of Best Trad we obtained the desired funding.

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